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Hey there!   
We are the Sniders.


On Father's Day 2018, the dream for Wellstead was planted in our hearts, born out of a desire to see people refreshed.

We have seen the tireless, sometimes thankless, labor of love carried out by those in ministry, foster parents, and single parents.

We have watched friends and family experience tragedy, some chronic and others unexpected.  Our hearts tell us that these groups need space and time to recover, rest, and be restored.

Time does not heal all wounds, but what guests of Wellstead do with time spent through our retreats can be a catalyst for restoration.

That is what Wellstead is all about.

As founders, seeing people experience personal growth is in itself rejuvenating for us.

Wellstead Crew

A.K.A "The Party People"

Meet the people that make magic happen at Wellstead



Chief Dancing Queen

Charging after the day to day , Lindsey is the dreamer of Wellstead. Whether it's developing new projects or coffee meetings with donors, she makes the world go 'round. You can catch Lindsey riding around town in her Jeep, Betty White.

B and Jack.JPG


Directors of Whimsy

Fun, energy, whimsy. These are just a few of the things The Crew bring to the team. They are key in reminding Wellstead to fill the day with magic and love.



Chief Good Times

Get’n things done, Jared is the behind the scenes leader for Wellstead. When he's not kick'n butt as a Wealth Management Advisor and Attorney, you can find him planning the next big trip with his fam.


Hospitality &

Communications Coordinator

Erin is the fabulous face that delivers the first warm greeting to Wellstead guests.  She is a natural creative and delivers on that through Wellstead projects.  In her free time she is creating art. Check out her website,




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